Chris Lengerich

Deep learning TL and investor. Currently building a thing at Google Research, investing on the weekends with First Cap and working on a book. Previously @ Stanford, Google X, YC, Khosla.


There are a lot of places where smart money or time can build 10x returns. I started and run an ~35-person investment group that links PhDs who understand research with Wall Streeters who understand public trading. I'm a Venture Partner at Pioneer Fund and advise Zhenfund on private investments. I help great companies and people, primarily in women's health, D2C health, genomics, deep RL and autonomy.

Entrepreneurship can be a lot more scientific than is believed right now (this is also supported by a few unnamed venture firms). I’m writing a collection of articles to put some first principles and empirical grounding behind the art of early-stage and to increase the hit rate of the whole ecosystem (see Essays).


There are many underinvested areas in research, but in particular I've worked on healthtech, fintech and speech recognition. Some work:

Supporting women through the menopause transition. Started the company, wrote the first website and mission statement, scaled the team from 2 to 5, talked to a bunch of clients. Now is scaled even more.
Art pricing has small datasets and an exponentially-scaled output space, which makes it challenging for traditional models. Shipped a completely new neural architecture in a month which contributed ~X0% relative increase in accuracy and requires fewer features than prior models.
Keyword spotting, voice activity detection and large-vocabulary speech recognition used to be treated as separate tasks. We published a model which does them all in a single architecture and with less retraining, which also happens to 2x VAD accuracy.
It used to be that we didn't know much about health between doctor's visits. Shipped the first ML models for continuous pulse tracking for the Baseline watch for 10,000 volunteers to track pulse over all activities, including through noise like running, walking and outdoor conditions.

In the past, I've also published on speech recognition (see Publications) and built beautiful technical stacks that I still miss.

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